Our Story

Spark Fitness was founded in 2013 by David and Cindy Crump. After working in the commercial gym atmosphere for a number of years and seeing the lack of care and support most gyms give to their members, they knew there was a better way.

What started as a small 1000 square foot gym has now grown into a 2500 square foot facility with all the trimmings, but that pales in comparison to what Spark Fitness is all about: creating a fitness experience and community that is centered on helping clients improve all areas of their lives.

What sets us apart? We really care and we’re not afraid to show it!

Let’s Change How You Feel About Fitness

Spark Fitness was founded on the idea that the experience is just as important as the results. We understand that every single client is unique and we make it our personal mission to reflect that in how we help you attack your fitness goals. Seriously, we stopped trying to put square pegs in round holes back in kindergarten.

Most gyms are boring, intimidating, dirty, or simply unprofessional.  That’s just not our style. We will help you set and surpass your goals by combining individualized workout programming, a dynamic and experienced team, and a supportive community of like-minded individuals. If you join us you will quickly realize that you have joined a family, and not just a gym.

How Our Process Works

They treat Their clients like partners and work with schedules, dietary limitations and physical conditions. I would, have and DO recommend Spark Fitness to everyone. It’s an investment that I know I will always find room for in my budget without question.

Allie V.

Sr. Marketing Manager

I’ve been working out there for 12 weeks now and am loving how I feel! I know the plans are tailored for my development. If you are motivated to train and just need some education and direction, this gym would serve you well.

Alex B.


I am not a person who likes to work out, and the atmosphere here is very comfortable and not all intimidating. I don’t feel judged or anything negative when I come to work out. The program they have me on is tailored for me, challenging and hard, but doable to the point where after a couple of months I already feel stronger.
Diane K.

Web Development Director

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