Semi-Private Training

Semi-Private training is our most popular program at Spark Fitness. Traditional personal training be very costly and often not necessary for those that have some fitness experience. Our semi-private training approach offers the same individualized workouts at a fraction of the cost and with more scheduling flexibility.

Your training sessions will be with a small group of 1 or 2 other clients who will provide camaraderie, support, and a lot of laughter. Every 4-6 weeks we chart your progress, change your program, and keep you moving right along.

One On One Training

Traditional personal training is ideal for those that have current injuries or limitations, crazy schedules, or are maybe a little bit shy. Many clients also choose this option for a month or two to get their feet wet before transitioning to semi–private training.

After completing your strategy session, we will build your first program and get to work. Every 4-6 weeks we will re-assess your strength and appearance goals, make adjustments as needed, and ensure that we are fitting your program to you and not the other way around!

Nutrition Coaching

When it comes to changing the way you look and perform, having a sound nutrition plan is critical. After all, you can workout 7 days a week without getting visible results if you aren’t paying attention to what you eat. That’s why we have partnered with Shift Nutrition to integrate nutrition coaching with all of our clients at no additional cost.

This isn’t some quick-fix program that will have you drop 20lbs overnight; that stuff doesn’t work and causes you to gain all the weight back and then some. Instead, our nutrition coaching process is based on making moderate habit adjustments over a period of time using our tried and tested app to educate and motivate you daily. This means that it takes a little longer, but research has shown that it is WAY more successful due to its sustainability.

The facility is not only great but probably the cleanest I have ever been to. All of the trainers are not only awesome fun people to be around but are also highly trained and at the top of their field when it comes to training techniques and nutritional guidelines.

Dennis A.

Insurance Adjuster

I have had the pleasure of working with different trainers at Spark Fitness and they all deliver one consistent message to encourage, motivate, inspire and coach me to be the best that I could be mentally and physically like no other gym I’ve ever experienced.┬áSpark Fitness is my happy place; a place where I can go and put all of my energy into getting and staying fit.

Lorena M.

Area Sales Rep

I have been a client of Spark Fitness for a few months now, and everything from the expertise of the staff to the challenging workouts, have more than exceeded my expectations. From the moment I went in for my consultation with David, I knew I found a personal training team that was committed to my goals and well being.

Whitney W.

Professional Dog Trainer

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