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Introducing the Small Group Strength Program

12 Weeks To A Stronger and Fitter Version Of Yourself

It’s time to get this year started off on the right track to reaching your health and fitness goals. Did you know that research suggests that people who work with a coach are 75% more likely to stick to healthy habits and achieve lasting body changes?

At Spark Fitness, we want to spend 12 weeks teaching you the ins and outs of strength training to help you build lean muscle while also educating you on the key nutritional habits that will allow you to shed unwanted body fat. Consider this a crash course in how to live the healthy lifestyle you have always wanted. It’s certainly not a quick fix, but more like a quick start.

You won’t do it alone though, you will have a team of 5 other people that are also ready to take charge of their fitness. The support and motivation that you will give each other will prove that their really is strength in numbers.


Who Is This Group Designed For?

Spark Fitness small group strength training is ideal for men and women that have been training for less than a year, or who have previously struggled to maintain consistency working towards their fitness goals.

Will Cardio Be Included?

There will be some cardiovascular exercises included, but we will also recommend doing some cardio sessions on your own for best results. This program will focus mainly on strength training because it is the cornerstone of successful fat loss and improved aesthetics.

What Days And Times Are The Sessions?

The small group strength program will start on 2/13/17 and meet three days per week at 7pm: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

There will also be a mandatory orientation on Saturday 2/11 from 10am-11am.

What Is Covered In the Orientation?

The orientation will cover all the basics of the 12 week program including warm-ups, nutrition education, and how to get the most out of the following 12 weeks. Initial body measurements will also be taken to track progress.

What Is the Deadline To Register?

We will close registration on 2/10 or when all six spots are sold out. It is likely that we will sell out quickly.

What’s Included:

  • 12 Weeks of Strength Training
  • 3 Training Sessions Per Week
  • Nutrition Education and Coaching
  • Online Support Group
  • Body Composition Assessments

Steve followed a similar 3 day per week program and had stellar results! He lost 30lbs, gained a ton of strength, and lost 12% body fat in just 6 months.

My training experience at Spark has exceeded my expectations. The owner, David, and his employees listened to my goals and built a program that will helped me achieve them–and revised it as I progressed. They keep the workouts challenging, without being overbearing or repetitive, and I appreciate their willingness to work around my occasional middle age aches and pains.
Steve E.

Software Developer


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